About Us

Flixopolis is a reliable and comprehensive source of information about movies, music albums, tv shows, celebrities and more along with reviews and ratings. Our team at Flixopolis is working passionately to provide the best-known as well as less-known information and details about the world of entertainment. We are covering all the aspects of the entertainment industry by gathering contents on wide sections and categories of movies, music albums, tv shows, celebrities and more.

We have a huge movie database along with plenty of indexed tv shows, music albums, celebrities and more. We keep tracking and updating the changes we found inappropriate and always keep our content up-to-date for our users and provide them the best-known information about movies, tv shows, music albums, celebrities and more.

We have also introduced a feature of rating on our platform to give a clear prospect of the popularity of content (movies, tv shows, celebrities, etc). We have 100% genuine rating system whereas only approved users can rate for content and can affect the ranking and popularity of it. We believe that a genuine rating is a true standard for allowing any content to go up and down on the complete database of content for the respective category.

We have introduced 2 metrics to measure a content’s ranking:

1. Popularity Index – This represents the total views registered for content and its effect on overall contents of the same category of content.
For Example: If a movie has 10k views and the total number of views for the same type of movies are 100k, then the popularity index of that movie will be 10% as it registers 10% of the views from the group of similar kind of movies.

2. Flixometer – This has a unique algorithm working behind for showing the quality content. It’s determined by quality ratings by approved users and reviews provided by experts. Although it doesn’t only depend on ratings alone it needs much more depth analysis and close look by our team to provide the accurate measurement of top quality content.

Yes, We also have the “Content liking” functionality on our platform. This is used by users to like contents they like on the platform but this cannot be a measure of content’s popularity as likes and preference of people may differ and the taste of entertainment for one user cannot be fitting to another user.

We are constantly working on making our database strong and keep indexing more and more relative content with useful and accurate information.